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Having a good marketing strategy than encompasses branding, online visibility, print promotional
and social media is the most powerful tool your company can have.
 VersaCore is a full advertising agency that can help with delivering your image online and in print


A great design is important, but what goes on behind the scenes of your website is essential.  We can do both!

We print everything form business cards, to banners, to promotional materials.  Whatever you want, we can make it happen!

Your corporate identity is in place, now it's time to distribute your message to the masses

Meet Our Team!

We're a team of unique individuals, following the same passions, led by three strong officers.  
At VersaCore Tech Designs, we're not in it just for the money, THAT'S what makes us special.  
Our clients' best interest always comes first and giving back to the community is fundamental to us. 
As such, 10% of all the time we spend on projects is spent helping non-profit organizations.  
We donate to service clubs, foundations, charities, churches, startup businesses and even struggling Artists, in various forms, be it by providing free hosting, helping with web design, creating dazzling graphic design or even giving out complimentary print material such as business cards, flyers, print advertising, etc.  If you need help with web design in Cornwall Ontario, or anywhere, call us.     

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At Versacore Tech Designs, we believe what goes around comes around,and investing in our community is always beneficial and rewarding. 
You know what they say about Karma! 

John Lucio


John makes the stuff behind the scenes work seamlessly. His expertise ensures your site is always up and running.  He leads our group of programmers.

Julia Lucio

Web and Graphic Designer
Content Editor

Julia gives life to your brand, from the design of your logo, to the creation of all promotional material that goes with your identity. She supervises all the graphic designers  and visual dazzlers in the firm.

Khyle McMichael

Layout  Assistant

Khyle will ask questions to find out what layout would be optimal for your site.  He also helps with setting up and manipulate graphics to make them press ready. 

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With a Design by VersaCore, you'll ensure to appear professional at all times! We'll create a look that will sustain time and convey reliability, credibility and trust.

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We know you want to try and do it yourself, but when all else fails, we'll be right here for you!  And it's not as expensive as you think!

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