It’s not unusual to see startups or small businesses trying to cut corners, taking what might appear to be the easy way out especially when it concerns logo design. They go on a DIY project, creating their own logo. You hear things like I’ve got Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint to do whatever I please with, why then would I need the services of a graphic designer? Well, for starters they’ve got like all day, everyday training plus tested and proven expertise. Like Steve Jobs once said “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.” Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional graphic designer to create your logo is crucial for your brand.

Makes You Stand Out From Competition

No one would like to have their product or service say one thing and have the logo say something else, especially for marketing and advertising purposes. When you create your logo using cheap logo-building tools or other apps that might assist in your DIY project, there is a high possibility of you coming across the same logo somewhere else and that’s really bad for business. It confuses the client, negating all the hard work potentially injected in your business thus far.  A graphic designer not only makes a logo that clearly says who you are, but one that distinguishes your from business from your competitors, helping you stand out. Now that’s good for business!

Reveals Your Brand Identity

Having a professionally designed logo imprinted on your business cards, products, and websites could determine the success of your business. It practically reveals the identity of your brand, showing what product or services you offer. It can as well tell the consumer benefits that come with buying your product or service.  How many companies can you quickly identify by simply seeing their icon?  That’s brand recognition.

Boosts Sales

Well created designs are less complicated. They pass a simple and precise message to the audience, steering interest in people’s minds even without knowing. Having a unique logo done by a professional graphic designer sends a strong message of how professional and reliable your services are, and once they get the clear picture it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing a drastic boost in sales. Professional graphic designer = professional logo = more $$$.

Helps Communicate Your Brand Values

A great logo is a high contributing factor that determines whether a potential client will sign up for your service or not. It’s not just about nice-looking images with attractive colors, there is a lot more that happens behind the scene than we think. And since the details of a professional logo design are only known by professional graphic designers, they tend to create the perfect logo that can effectively communicate your brand values and missions in a compelling way with as much as simply knowing how thick a line should be and selecting the right colors.

Now you see how important it is to have a logo for your brand. Not just any kind of logo, but one designed by a professional graphic designer that has been trained to know how the entire process works.