Why Facebook does not replace a good ol’fashion website

Can a Facebook page replace a good ol’ fashion website? Well, the simple answer to that question would be a very fat NO! In recent times, lots of small businesses have continually asked the need for a website when they could easily create a Facebook business page that gives them access to roughly 800 million […]

Why Hiring A Graphic Designer To Create Your Logo Is Crucial For Your Brand

It’s not unusual to see startups or small businesses trying to cut corners, taking what might appear to be the easy way out especially when it concerns logo design. They go on a DIY project, creating their own logo. You hear things like I’ve got Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint to do whatever I please with, […]

4 powerful features that make WordPress the best option for your website

Your website is the face of your business, it is the digital identity of your company. In an ever-changing world, businesses are seeking innovative ways to boost sales and make more income. Establishing your online presence with a website is the way to go. With the advancement in technology, there are countless options to choose […]